Eyelash extensions (SP)

Beauty Treatments: Eyelash extensions (SP)

The eyelash treatment lasts approximately 1.5 hour for a natural set 70% coverage or up to 2.5 hours on 100% coverage this is around 60-100 lashes per eye. Half sets, corner flicks or infills takes less than an hour to apply.

These lashes are literally weightless and they are attached lash by lash using a special bonding agent which means your glamourous new look can be maintained for up to 2-3 months.

The treatment is relaxing and pain free and does not require any medical operations or surgery.

Lashes are currently available in black, all length and thicknesses. we are fully trained, qualified and certified so you know you are in safe hand with us. Removable is quick and easy without causing any damage to your own natural lashes, and you will feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the treatment.

We only use the best quality bonding agent developed by manufacturers holding the highest qualification in adhesives and are EC CE Approved. The bonding agent is odourless and solvent free, and is specifically made for eyelash extensions to guarantee the strongest and longest lasting lashes.

Can I wear Mascara on Lash Perfect lashes?

Yes - if you choose to wear mascara we recommend using Lash Perfect Mascara, specifically formulated for use with Lash Perfect extensions. These mascaras are water washable, gentle and safe, do not wear water proof mascara. Some cleansers will weaken the bond of the lash extensions. We recommend Lash Perfect gentle eye make-up remover.

Should eyelashes be tinted before having Lash Perfect applied?

It is not necessary to tint the lashes before application unless the natural lashes are extremely light. If a client requests an eyelash tint, this can be done before application. Lashes cannot be tinted or permed after application.

Can I use Eyelash Curlers?

Eyelash Curlers should not be used, as the heat will disturb the adhesive. Generally, lash curlers are not required as we will create a curl if so desired.


Are Lash Perfect extensions safe?

Yes - they are completely safe, if the application is undertaken by one of our trained therapist, as long as you do not attempted to pull the lash perfect lashes out, or pick at them (this may take your own lashes with them) We offer to remove our own lashes free of charge, if you desire, however to date this has never been requested.

Can I use eye make-up?

Eye make-up can be applied as normal however, we recommend you avoid using water-proof mascara. We recommend our especially formulated Mascara and gentle Eye Make-up Remover, which is both reasonably priced and essential to the upkeep of the lashes.

Do you supply a full selection of lash lengths and thicknesses?

Yes - as a Lash Perfect professional we will select lashes to suit your requirements, using our comprehensive range of lashes.

Can I wear contact lenses?

We recommend that you remove contact lenses during the application procedure, as a general precaution. There is no reason why contact lenses cannot be worn directly after application and throughout the life of your Lash Perfect, lashes.

Can extensions be applied onto the eyelid in the absence of a natural lash?

Because the correct application of Lash Perfect involves placing a single lash extension to a single natural eyelash without touching the skin you cannot apply Lash Perfect extensions where there is no eyelash.

How long do Lash Extensions last?

A full set of Lash Perfect lashes can last untouched for up to 4 weeks. However, most people are so delighted with their lashes they want to keep them for longer, therefore we recommend a top up appointment every three weeks to keep them looking pristine.

Can the lashes be removed easily?

The lashes shed naturally over time as your own lashes replace themselves, therefore the removal is of the lashes we apply is not generally required, and rarely requested.

However more commonly clients have requested other salons lashes to be removed rescued removal should not be undertaken by yourself! we use a professional safe remover a salon only product and used correctly will remove the lashes with ease and without damaging the natural lash. We offer this service on a free of charge basis 'if we have applied your lashes and you are continuing your lash application with us' However a small charge applies to clients whom have received their lash application elsewhere.