Ultrasound Radio Frequency

Advance Treatments: Ultrasound Radio Frequency

The newest way to sculpt a better body and to get rid of loose skin is to use radio frequency (RF) or ultrasound laser

The most advanced way to remove cellulite, break down fat cells and tighten and tone your skin!

Today, there are a number of noninvasive skin treatments that can lift and tighten the skin without surgery. These noninvasive skin tightening treatments typically use either radiofrequency (eg. Pelleve, Exilis, Accent, Thermage, etc.) or ultrasound energy (Ultherapy) to heat and tighten the skin and subcutaneous tissues.

The good news is that these noninvasive treatments really do work, but it's important to have realistic expectations as the results are much more modest compared to surgery. These treatments are best suited for patients with mild to moderate signs of aging who seek mild to moderate improvement with little to no downtime or side effects. These treatments are not a substitute for a surgical lift.

Generally speaking, today's noninvasive skin tightening treatments are comfortable and can be easily performed in the office without requiring anesthesia

Patients describe the feeling as a deep heat or prickling sensation as the energy is being delivered to the skin. Comfort levels vary from person to person, but most patients are able to tolerate the treatment without medication. The regenerative process begins immediately following the treatment. The full effect will gradually build over the course of two to three months.