IPL Laser

Advance Treatments: IPL Laser

Hair, Gone!

Well, to start with, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is the latest and safest Hair Removal technique as we speak of today. Its more efficient than the other conventional hair removal methods and Laser hair removal as well. At A Plus Aesthetics, we pride ourselves in offering you the best IPL hair removal service for amazingly reasonable rates. As professionals, we understand your concern about your skin, and our clients are happy clients

IPL Laser Treatment Before & After

Now, our IPL hair removing method is the go-to option for anyone out there that is looking for their hair to be gone completely, that too, without the hassle of unending visits to the doctor?s. You?d require minimal visits as this procedure is done by using maximum light wavelengths.

At A Plus Aesthetics, we realize that not only removing the hair is all that needs to be done. Following attributes signify the effectiveness and reliability of IPL hair removal:

  • It takes care of your skin?s health by rejuvenating it while getting rid of undesired hair
  • Unlike laser hair removal, this method is applicable on a larger skin area; hence lesser clinic visits
  • It is the fastest, safest, and most effective method for the extinction of hair
  • It completely eliminates your hair follicles, thus you need no longer be afraid of reappearing of undesired hair
  • NO burns, NO Marks, guaranteed!
  • IPL is by far the most painless and effortless method, you?ll feel no more than what you feel while tweezing

Is it for you?

People with light skin, and hair that is sensitive, soft or both ought to choose IPL due to its compatibility with their skin. We recommend you to drop by for a consultation regarding insights and best possible options for your skin?s treatment.